The Norwegian Women and Family Association (hereafter K&F) works continuously for better women’s and family politics.

We are a national organisation with members organised in almost 200 local branches and 17 regional groups.

Our members are women and men of all ages and lifestyles and represents the diversity of the population.

K&F’s vision and goals are:

  • Recognition of women’s choices throughout different life phases.
  • The value of the family as the main support of the development of a good society.
  • To strengthen the family’s position through activities which give time and opportunity to care for others?
  • Working for social change in women and family political issues, both national and international.

K&F works for its goals

  • Through the branches in their local environment.
  • By lobbying, directly to local and national politicians and the public authorities, e.g. by commenting and issuing statements on current governmental white papers as well as parliamentary and departmental issues.
  • By participating in the current social debate and through our commitment to issues relevant to our interest s, both locally and nationally.
  • Emergency Preparation –by focusing on preparation for, and activities during, catastrophes and crises.

Our Programme of Principles, approved at the national congress, is our ideological platform. In it we present the issues we consider important to the development of a good society for women and families. In the current period, (2012-2014) we have emphasised:

Women’s health:
Focus on retaining local maternity facilities, research into women’s illnesses, violence against women.

Food and health
Increasing knowledge on the importance of a proper diet in the child’s home and school situation and on correct nourishment for those living in institutions.

A warmer society
More care and less violence, to counteract bullying, to focus on the adult as a role model.

Multicultural activities in Norway
Focuses on integration and diversity in local society and to creating meeting places for women and children.

International activities
K&F works to improve women’s living conditions throughout the world, but especially through our information and project work in the third world.  We have also a great deal of experience in holding seminars in organisation building in Eastern and central Europe.
K&F has, since its foundation in 1915, been interested in women’s co-operation across national boundaries.   K&F’s first president, Marie Michelet, is to be credited for establishing our organisation internationally at an early point.   In 1919 K&F took the initiative to establish The Northern Women’s Association (Nordens Kvinneforbund.)  In 1933, along with women from 12 other countries, Marie Michelet was a founder of the Associated Country Women of the World.
Behind K&Fs international commitment lies solidarity with those women of the world who struggle with poverty, illness, suppression and environmental problems and who have limited opportunities to change those developments without assistance.
Through our international associations we are active and committed to presenting issues of importance for women throughout the world.    Via ACWW we utilise the opportunity to present our issues to the UN and its organisations.
Project work stated in 1975 as a result of information about international problems and women’s issues. Our projects are financed by support from our branches and regional groups as well as NORAD, the Norwegian agency for development cooperation,  and FOKUS – Forum for women and development – of which K&F is one of the member organisations.  We have had projects in Asia, Africa and the former East European block, all of which have had a focus on improving existence for women and children.  In 2013-2014 K&F has 2 projects in Uganda, one related to agriculture and one in media.
K&F has had a central role in educating women in how to build an organisation in several countries in the former East European block, and the building of effective democratic women’s organisations has contributed to the improvement of women’s situations in those countries.
K&F will continue to work for democracy and human rights, international women’s and family political issues. Through our national membership of FOCUS and international membership of Norden Kvinneforbund and ACWW, we commit ourselves to presenting these issues to the UN and in other international forums.